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There are absolutely no Substitutes!

Weather Rock - Available

Sample Weather Rock.
Your Weather Rock WILL look different
but will function the same as shown.

Get Your ORIGINAL Weather Rock NOW for only $39.95!

Your Original Weather Rock comes with beautiful detailed instructions.

The "Original" Weather Rock

- the perfect weather indicator -
it never fails.

The "perfect GIFT" for the weather lover in your family.

The Weather Rock is 100% correct, 100% of the time.

Place your Weather Rock outside and check it daily.

Reading your Weather Rock
Rock dry – Fair
Rock wet – Rainy
Rock swaying – Windy
Rock has shadow – Sunny
Rock no shadow – Cloudy
Rock white – Snowy
Rock bouncing – Earthquake
Rock under water – Flood
Rock flashing – Lightning
Rock missing – Tornado
Rock difficult to see – Foggy
Rock sideways – Wind storm

Your Weather Rock also indicates the seasons
Rock cold – Winter
Rock wet – Spring
Rock hot – Summer
Rock covered by leaves – Fall

The Original Weather Rock
©2013 Jeff Owen Artworks

Weather Rocks are approximately 11" to 13" tall and each Weather Rock is different.
The bases of each are approximately 3" x 3" and are all different from each other.
LARGER WEATHER ROCKS are available for an additional cost - of course.

If you are interested in larger Weather Rocks, DON'T HESITATE.
Email me and ask me for one.
I often spot larger Weather Rocks out there but leave them be until I need them.

My quality, hand picked, Original Weather Rocks are hand selected, and tested, then and only then are they attached to our uniquely designed
specialized custom steel holder and base, made from custom select and hand cut - then precisely modified and carefully welded to selected Weather Rock steel.

My "Original" Weather Rock is the absolute PERFECT GIFT! for the weather lovers in your family.

There is no substitute for the "Original" Weather Rock by Jeff Owen.

If you don't want to use PayPal, you can send your check for $54.95 ($39.95 + $15 shipping and handling) per Weather Rock (California Residents please add 8.25% tax) to:
Jeff Owen Artworks
c/o: Jeff Owen

2965 Rustic Drive
San Jose, CA. 95124

Your Original Weather Rock comes with these beautiful detailed instructions.

The Weather Rock

(suitable for quality framing)

Look at this professional, OFFICIAL, weather station!!!
Send a photo of your Official Weather Rock Weather Station to
and I'll post it online for all to see.

Weather Station Keshena, WI Weather Station in Winter

Weather Rock, Rain Gauge, Thermometer with wolves.
This is Official Weather Rock Station #145 in Keshena, Wisconsin.

Send in photos of your Original Weather Rock in it's reporting station location and get it mentioned here!!!

Each Weather Rock is only $39.95 (+ $15 shipping) each for a total of only $54.95
(Californian's, add 8.25% tax)

If you are outside the US, additional shipping charges will apply,
please call 408-364-6639

All my Weather Rocks are slightly different from each other in color, style, or size,
but are similar to the Weather Rock shown above.

You can use PayPal to get your own
Original Weather Rock!
Just click the "Buy Now" button below!

Thank you for visiting the Original Weather Rock website!




Phone: 408-364-6639
All artwork and images within this site are copyright ©2014 Jeff Owen.
No artwork may be reproduced in any manner or medium without permission.